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The Ultimate Landing Page Checklist that Drives Conversions


Landing pages are the cornerstone of any good lead generation campaign. The difference between a ‘good converting’ landing page and a ‘poor converting’ landing page could potentially cost you thousands of dollars in lost traffic.

Having a poor landing page is the equivalent of walking into a retail store and the store attendant sitting on his phone scrolling through  facebook, inattentive.  You need to master the art of making the user feel welcome, safe, trusting and confident to provide their details to you to collect as a lead.

In an age that is increasingly becoming more aware of their data and how it is being used (and abused), you need to have the right strategy and landing page to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Below is a list compiled by Taboola that can greatly assist you in crafting the right landing page. Have a look through and see how your landing pages stack up.


□ You’re NOT using your homepage as your landing page


Your page focuses on one deliverable

□ Your landing page does NOT have a navigation bar

□ Your landing page does NOT have links to social accounts

□ The only option for the visitor of your landing page is to continue with the action t want from them (sale, form fill, etc.)


Visitors can immediately understand your offer.

□ Your landing page does NOT have a headline that contradicts any text from the ad or asset that inspired the visit

□ All written content on the page is valuable to the visitor and supports the action you want from him or her (sale, form fill, etc.)

□ All images, videos and animations are valuable to the visitor

□ All images, videos and animations are relevant to the message of your landing page


The design of your call to action (CTA) is compelling

□ Your CTA button (or buttons) is impossible to miss

□ You’ve used a contrasting color and provided ample negative space around your CTA

□ Your CTA is repeated at multiple scroll depths

□ You’ve created an eye path to the button with arrows or another design element pointing to your CTA

□ Your CTA is not generic, expressly reiterates the offer and implies action

□ The CTA uses first person pronouns, action-oriented verbs or a combination of the two

□ You’ve included a statement that overcomes objections to your CTA, like “cancel anytime”


Your form is friendly and easy to complete

□ It asks only for information you need to follow-up

□ Your form uses the fewest number of fields possible

□ Your form is neatly arranged and does NOT force the visitor to make decisions

□ Every field is clearly labeled

One or more forms of social proof are featured on the page to increase the trust factor. This means you’ve included one or more of the following:

□ Customer testimonials

□ Reviews

□ Customer logos

□ Trust seals (safe transactions, accreditations, etc.)

□ Media features (“As seen on”)

□ Social media posts created by fans and customers

□ Privacy policy link

□ Numbers (downloads, customer count, etc.)

You’re starting with a template that’s proven to be effective, or have an aggressive A/B testing plan in place

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