EMBR specialise in Finance leads.

EMBR could be mistaken for a dating service.

We specialise in facilitating conversations with potential investors that lead to meaningful long-term relationships.

Lead generation isn’t just ‘something we do’, it is the only thing we do.

Through years of trial and error, research and technical development, we know how to specifically targeted leads for finance and lending. We can locate and profile consumers that qualify for financial services or that are already actively looking in the market.

We understand the intricacies of marketing your services to Australian and overseas consumers. Plus, we know what the banks are looking for qualification-wise and therefore we know how to pre-qualify leads for you before they even reach your sales team. With a data marketing strategy, the leads are obtained, profiled and qualified by us so that you can focus on what counts – converting the lead to a sale, hence increasing revenue and expanding your business. Refinance, Personal loan and Finance leads are our speciality and forte.

Implementing a data marketing strategy will put you ahead of your industry peers and can determine your company as an industry leader. Through lead generation and marketing to the right demographic, you can work towards your clients feeling valued, satisfied and ultimately like you are the perfect partnership in their finance decisions. We partner our efforts with your sales conversion process to reach the end goal – consistent new client acquisition for your business.

Not only have our team had extensive experience previously working for some of Australia’s largest Financial Planning and Investment Groups, but some are even RG146 compliant with their Australian Financial Services License (AFSL). We also put a high value on keeping up to date with the property market and industry knowledge and standards, helping our clients receive the best ROI on their marketing and new client acquisition efforts.

With the weight of this experience behind us and the in-depth knowledge of current industry trends, we work with you to decipher your ideal customer. EMBR’s finance leads are generated through reverse engineered profiling to provide you and your sales team with leads ready for sales conversion.

Finance leads that are powered by Consumer Profiling

So, who is your prime potential client? Who do you want to speak to? Are there any commonalities amongst all your existing clients? We don’t dictate to you who your lead should be. We work backwards from your ‘ideal client’ profile and hand craft a lead capture campaign to suit your requirements. This is an example consumer profile we have been given by an actual client. The goal for us is to seek out as many opt-in leads who meet this criteria:

  • Mum and dads
  • Aged 35 – 55 years old
  • Who own or are paying off their home
  • Earn over $80,000 household combined income
  • Living in metro areas within postcode targets: 3000 – 3189 and 4000 – 4125
  • Have a clean credit history
  • Are interested in learning how to save money on their mortgage or refinance to a better mortgage rate.
  • Are interested in how they can structure their loans to reduce the amount of tax they pay
  • Are looking to reduce their debt or improve their finance structures
  • Are looking for NEW finance for a new owner occupier or investment property purchase

With the base of this narrowed targeting, we are then charged with the task of generating them over 500 opt-in Finance leads per week.

Whether you are looking to market to mums and dads looking to refinance, first home buyers, building your finance book, increase clients on your financial planning book, sell project and development stock or are looking for a combination of these leads, EMBR finance leads will suit your requirements.

Crafting the right message to attract those consumers

When you’re talking about generating finance leads that convert, you need the right messaging. We work closely with you to craft the right message to present to your profiled audience to engage them and draw out the right point of interest. Whether your strength is showing your potential client how they can leverage tax strategies to build a property portfolio, or how they can better structure their finances, we help craft the right message to woo your potential clients.

Determining What Finance Lead Type is Best for You

There are multiple ways to acquire these specifically targeted finance leads that are best suited for conversion. And different lead sources are suited to different sales and acquisition structures within your business. Whether you have a 50 person call centre, or are providing higher quality leads to your property advisors, We can generate them through a multitude and combination of avenues including:

Email Marketing – We can market to our affiliate network of 9.3 million+ Australian consumers which we can target by age, income, homeownership and geography to deliver your message right into their inbox for their consideration.

Co-registration Leads – We can generate thousands of live highly qualified and responsive leads per day on a ‘cost per lead’ basis. These leads will be presented with a branded opt-in question to filter them into your pre-determined target demographic.

Homeowner Profiled LeadsWe can supply live specific leads opted in as homeowners, this cuts down categorising efforts and rejection rates on your end by putting you in conversation with only those proven to be a homeowner.

Finance Lead Delivery

Finance Leads are sent via real-time API into your CRM to be converted by your sales agents sent via daily CSV exports. This means that, depending on your CRM capability, you’ll receive real time or daily exported leads that are ready for a conversation.

We have the in-house expertise of knowing how to handle co-registration campaigns from a ‘client point of view’ and don’t just stop at delivering the leads. We can assist you with sales techniques, sales and follow up scripts and can couple you with the right CRM and marketing automation software to really take your co-registration campaign to the next level.

Finance Leads Follow up messaging and drip campaigns

So you have had a first date, so to speak. You have engaged the lead, spoken to them for the first time, now it’s time for the next day call. But how soon is too soon? You don’t want to sound desperate, but you don’t want to come across disinterested. EMBR can help you put together a series of trigger-automated sms and email campaigns that will draw out your potential clients intent and allow you to engage them at their real point of interest.

Conversion optimisation

The EMBR team work hard to source media and traffic from around the planet to ensure your campaigns perform, but naturally, some portions convert better than others. On every single lead you will receive, you will have a unique ID and source code for you to review your campaign at the end of the month and report back to us the best, average and poor performing traffic sources for us to then go out and optimise that campaign by cutting off the poor performers and increasing the good ones.

Compliance and Consent

The two C’s. EMBR Finance leads are collected in a compliant and Consented environment. We ensure that nothing is published without your approval and sign off. Not only our advertising messaging and the wording in the advertisement, but also the nature in which the lead is collected, is done within a compliant nature and with full consent given from the consumer for you to contact them regarding their enquiry.

Leads are the life blood of any business and our finance leads are targeted to ensure your finance sales pipeline is always full. Our aim and top priority is to see growth in your business. Implementing a finance lead generation strategy with EMBR will create an achievable plan to get a consistent flow of new client acquisitions.



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