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There’s many fish in the sea or so we’ve heard, but that’s not always a good thing when it comes to marketing your business. While a large quantity of random customers streaming in may seem like the greatest way to make sales, it’s often quality and a defined target that creates a sustainable amount of income for your business. Think about it this way – it’s selling your product to people who are likely to already have a need for your business. Your sales pitch is an answer to their problem, not a question begging for their yes. Selling to a targeted demographic is a game changer.

In the world of marketing, without a strategic plan you can end up just force feeding your specialty to a mass amount of people who don’t really have a need for the product or service you provide. But if you can categorise the demographic of people worthwhile marketing to and make this your target demographic, it’ll save you a whole heap of time and money spent on trying to bring in the masses. It’ll also give you a deeper insight into who you’re marketing to, this’ll help you and your team strategise in more detail and deliver a better end result.

Every product or service on the market should fulfil a need. Take two edible products for example, puree baby food and a protein powder. Both need to go under research and testing to get the formula just right, both products come in packaging that needs a thoughtful and practical design and both are consumed by the customer. However, the purpose of each of these products is vastly different. If you set your target demographic for your protein powder to children under the age of 3, you’d find your business having a very low ROI and not to mention a very peculiar brand presence. Whereas marketing to parents with young families and emphasising the company’s stand point on quality and health (and, of course delivering on this stand point) will result in more sales and a steadfast trust between the consumer and your product.

So, with all that being said, how can you ensure you’re marketing to your target demographic? With our proven method, we’re your middle man. We specialise in delivering leads to businesses just like yours. We utilise some of the most sophisticated lead capture and lead validation and verification technology available. Leads that are of any desired demographic can be delivered to you in real time. This puts your team in conversation with people who you’re specifically trying to market to.

Since the targeted demographic leads come to you, it takes out a multitude of guess work and effort on your part trying to weed your demographic from the masses. We do it for you and better yet, it’s our specialty. This turns your focus into creating the best product and experience for your customer. After all, you know how to best provide for your target demographic – we just put said demographic on the other end of your sales pitch.

With us bringing in the potential clients, you have the freedom to create the best customer experience possible for your industry. Understanding customer interaction is the number 1 challenge for marketers, but above all it’s the most important thing. No matter what you are selling or what service you are offering, every one of your customers should feel like you know them and their needs. Remember, you’re the answer to their problem or a worthwhile addition to their world. The customer’s experience determines the likely hood of them returning or recommending your business which ultimately brings in more income and creates more brand awareness.

Data-driven marketing works hand in hand with your brand and marketing content strategy, in this rapidly growing world of technology – it’s not one or the other. Contact us to discuss implementing a data strategy into your business’s marketing and we know you’ll reap the benefits.


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