EMBR specialise in the digital generation of Solar leads.


Do you need solar leads of people who are wanting to get a solar quote or comparison? EMBR can help!

We specialise in Lead Generation.

We understand the intricacies of marketing your services to Australian home owners looking for solar installation comparisons.  We know how to pre-qualify leads for you before they even reach your sales team!

The types of solar leads you may be looking for are:

Solar leads can be geo and demographically targeted to provide the optimum level of accuracy of leads for your sales team.

We have recurring clients successfully ordering leads in all states of Australia.

Whether you are looking to build your existing sales funnel or starting a business from scratch, EMBR can help you find the right consumers.

We can generate solar leads through a multitude of avenues including:

  • Email Marketing – To our affiliate network of 6.3 million+ Australian consumers which we can target by age, income, homeownership and geography to deliver your message.
  • Co-registration Leads – We can generate thousands of highly qualified and responsive leads per day on a ‘cost per lead’ basis.
  • Search and Display – We can design and run various banner and text ads across our ad platform to reach millions of Australian consumers.
  • Social Media – We can prepare and execute highly targeted and socially engaged marketing campaigns to drive you leads from various social channels including Facebook.
  • Telemarketing – We can generate a digital lead and pre-call the lead to ensure it meets your qualification requirements

All of our lead generation methods are tried and proven and we are well established, working with national and house-hold name clients.

We can also run hybrid campaigns of the above options, depending upon your requirements and sales process.

The cost per lead depends upon the level of qualification and volume of leads you require.



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