Cosponsor Leads

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Cosponsor leads are generated in the initial registration process of EMBR’s network of  websites and online surveys. Through EMBR, our proven system allows clients to gain large quantities of valuable targeted leads, suitable for their product or service.

A generated lead will consist of basic information of a potential customer, including name, address, mobile phone, email, interests and more. it’s a vital part of marketing your business to a specific possible buyer or user of your product.

How does it work?

The customer will agree to our opt-in terms and conditions and be asked to submit basic information such as name, phone, address and email. The information from each individual submission will be stored and automatically sent out to clients, based on their opt-in preferences, via a web API in real-time as a potential lead. It’s an efficient and automatic way to have targeted potential customers sent straight to you.

A submission that is suitable for multiple clients, and consenting, will proceed to be sent out to those respective clients for marketing. Cosponsor is a great way to get demographic targeted leads delivered in high volume and quantity for your marketing team to follow up and convert into clients.


Home Owner Leads

Home owner profiled leads are a step up from cosponsor where it allows you to add in specifications in your campaign questioning to gain a better targeted lead suited to your product or service. It creates leads that already fit one of your customer specifications. This could be, for example, to determine whether the customer is a homeowner. This information is very valuable to ensure the efficiency of contacting a specific lead that you’re after.

This presents itself as an extra question in the survey that is tailored to your needs, e.g. “Are you a home owner?” If answered ‘yes’ this confirms that the customer is a potential client for your business. The Homeowner targeting allows you to channel in tailored potential customers straight to you, allowing for efficiency and consistency in the qualification criteria before you close sales.


Co-registration leads

Co-registration leads use the system to bring in specific or localised demographic targeting to best suit your product or service. It ensures you can contact leads that already have an interest in or need for your business. Given your customer history or industry demographic, you can specify what leads filter through, by age, gender, postcode and volume per day.

The capabilities of filtering in this category is virtually unlimited. We can ask the lead questions along the lines of:

  • Are you a home owner?
  • What is your income?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What is your occupation?
  • Which bank do you have your mortgage with?
  • What is your credit card limit?
  • How many children do you have?

Essentially you can tell us who your ideal client is and we can reverse engineer the right targeting to get you having conversations with those people.

Co-registration leads can categorise age, gender, postcode, occupation and many other specifics. All submissions that comply with your set specifications will be automatically sent through in real-time via API to your CRM or in an excel sheet to your email. This is a proven method that allows for your business to market to potential customers that already fit your customer demographic, in turn providing efficiency and more success in closing sales.

EMBR is a leading supplier of Australian and New Zealand Cosponsor and home owner leads to some of the largest companies in those countries. We utilise some of the most sophisticated lead capture and lead validation and verification technology available. This ensures your campaign and leads will have the greatest possibility to convert into sales.


Contact us today to find out more about how EMBR can assist you to generate more home owner or cosponsor leads.


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