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Data is not only useful for new client acquisition as it puts you in conversation with your target demographic but it is positively important to the deployment of advertising and marketing efforts. Once data is captured and analysed, it allows for a business to decipher how their marketing efforts will be received and who the best demographic is to market to. Essentially, creating a proven method to obtain new clients.

If as a marketer you find that data is an under-utilised asset, it’s possible that a data management assessment and plan could revolutionise the way you do business. There’s a few major factors when it comes to creating proper data practices. So, who and what does it affect?


The Customer

Implementing and carrying out a well-suited data architecture is an enabler for personalisation. Your customer’s experience is the most important focal point as it’s your customer base that drives sales and creates sustainable revenue for the business.

Who are your existing clients? How can they reflect the possible future clients you may have?

Taking the initiative to dissect the existing data trends you can already see present in your business can mean that you have a stable, thought-through plan to not only take care of your existing clients but prepare to carry your new clients.

It’s the difference between being another agency in the sea of agencies or standing out as a business that caters for the individual needs of clients. It sets a business apart.


The staff

Who is at the forefront of your business? Who liaises with your customers? Our guess would be that your staff has some (or most likely a large) part in catering for your clients and ultimately keeping the business reputation and revenue a float.

So, with your staff managing your clients and data, the practices set in place matter. Ensuring that you have systems in place that utilise current technology and uphold industry standards will create efficiency in what you do as a business.

Alongside stable systems, innovation is a key part of staying ahead in your industry, no matter what industry. From managing client details to creating in-house procedures, the way new clients are obtained and the way they are consistently catered for is crucial. You want your staff to focus on your clients, not just on trying to untangle messy systems within the procedures. Clear, efficient systems when it comes to data, enables and releases your staff to keep the client as their number one priority.


The process

EMBR delivers real time leads via API transfer or CSV export. We work in multiple time zones and specialise is providing high quality leads as fast as they can be called.

At any given moment, our CRM is delivering thousands of real time leads into CRMs across multiple different time zones. These leads are fresh opt-in users, that have been profiled into multiple different categories. A company will receive the leads specific to their campaign specifics and target demographic. We provide multiple different campaign and lead types, each designed specifically to suit different industries and new client acquisition preferences. With an expert sales team following up these leads through clean data management systems and with clear database protocol, your business will have the highest chance of converting the leads into sales. We provide multiple different campaign and lead types, each designed specifically to suit different industries and new client acquisition preferences.

So how can you get the most from your database and how can you continue to keep up to date with the data management processes? Talk to us today about transforming the way you handle data and implement data practices.


Jimmy L’Almont

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