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How to find the right customer for your services.

 As a financial advisor, you help people set and achieve goals. Financial structure is necessary for anyone looking to build wealth or secure their investments and retirement. You, as the financial advisor, help people to make a plan and stick to it to reach their goal.

But how are you bringing in clients and why does the consistency of your new client acquisition strategy matter?

Utilising EMBR’s lead generation channels allows you to target the age, gender and specifics of a high volume of consumers to categorise those who fit your ‘ideal customer’ profile. Only those who meet your requirements will be sent through to you as a lead, this allows you to focus on converting an already warm lead, not marketing to the masses. Your targeting, is our targeting and we custom build your campaign to bring in the right quantity and the highest quality.

EMBR has a “No Cut-n-Paste” philosophy, meaning every client is different and therefore every campaign is too. Your qualification requirements will differ from the next and we understand that.

So, who is your prime potential client? Who do you want to speak to? Are there any commonalities amongst all your existing clients? We don’t dictate to you who your lead should be. We work backwards from your ‘ideal client’ profile and hand craft a lead capture campaign to suit your requirements. This is an example consumer profile we have been given by an actual client. The goal for us is to seek out as many opt-in leads who meet this criteria:

  • Mum and dads
  • Aged 35 – 55 years old
  • Who own or are paying off their home
  • Earn over $80,000 p/a household combined income
  • Are interested in learning how to invest and build wealth for their retirement
  • Are interested in Government tax incentives for them to reduce the amount of tax they pay
  • Are looking to reduce their debt or improve their finance structures

Do you need your clients to be looking to refinance their home loan, consolidate their debt, secure their financial structure, invest in property or all of the above? We understand that no matter what your ideal customer looks like, you may be constantly tweaking and adapting your strategy to keep your business at the top of the industry. With that, we work with you.

Our collaborative approach and attentive account managers mean that your campaign constantly has eyes over it. We can tweak and alter your campaign to work in with your targeting so that we can reach and bring in the consumers to fit your target. In other words, your lead generation campaign adapts to suit you.

With our strict consumer profiling system, we weed out those who may not be a great for conversion and provide you with the leads that, after speaking with you and your team, could take the next step in utilising financial services. Depending on the style of campaign you decide on, your leads type can be from any of the following campaigns:

  • Opt-in Homeowner leads
    • Lead qualifies as a homeowner; your sales team then follows up to introduce your brand and services.
  • Qualified Profile Campaign
    • If a profile campaign is the best choice for you, the question may read something like, “What is your income p/a?”. The consumer would then select the amount bracket they fall under and, if they have the amount you’re looking to work with, the lead qualifies.
  • Branded Co-registration
    • The lead would see a branded, strategically worded question and would be given a yes/no option. Depending on the question, the qualifying answer would be sent through as a lead.
  • Direct Landing Page leads
    • With this high-quality method, we optimise your campaign and drive traffic to a brand designed landing page, this can be designed either by your team or by our in-house design team. The lead would then opt-in to a specific question, tailored solely for your brand.
  • Email Direct Marketing
    • Consumers are sent a brand designed opt-in offer straight to their email address. We have an affiliate email marketing data base of 6+ million Australian users.

Within each campaign type, the specifics are custom tailored to your business and client requirements. Whether your speciality is debt consolidation, superannuation, investment strategy or a broader range of services, we can bring the right consumers to your door step.

Discuss with us today how acquiring new clients for finance or investment property through an EMBR lead generation campaign can create sustainability within your business.


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