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Best Ways to Market Solar

Australia is one of the best places to take advantage of solar energy. It has the highest average solar radiation per square metre. Solar electricity is becoming widespread in the continent. In fact, there are more than two million Australian homes that use solar energy so it’s important to understand the best ways to market solar.

With the prevalence of the use of solar energy, the business has become more cut throat. New client acquisition has become more challenging with the emergence of new and cheaper alternatives.

Solar Marketing Tips for Small and Medium Sized Companies

Here are the best ways to generate new leads and to market your solar business.

  1. Invest in a system for customer referrals and testimonials.

A great way to get more new customers is through customer referrals and testimonials. Your existing customer base is one of the most effective promoters of your business. Investing in high quality solar panels can be costly. Interested people will want to hear from the experience of others who have bought and used your product. Satisfaction of friends and family can greatly affect buying decision. Make use of your existing customer base to acquire and convert new leads.

  1. Promote easy on the pocket financial options.

Presenting a payment plan that is easy and reasonable will encourage your leads to buy your products. Payment options remove the burden of costly upfront costs of solar panels for interested buyers. Think of it as acquiring new clients, while at the same time, helping them invest in sustainable energy.

  1. Be passionate and knowledgeable in solar energy and its benefits.

If you believe in what you are selling and its benefits, it will reflect in how you market it. In turn, your leads will more likely be converted and convinced to get your product. Ensure that your sales team and your support team are competent in answering questions about solar systems and solar energy. If your team members are solar experts, they are more likely to convince people of its benefits. They may also be able dispel any doubts and worries from your leads.

  1. Revamp your website and your online presence.

The World Wide Web is everyone’s go-to person for inquiries. Make sure to keep your website and online pages updated. Make sure your product listings are up to date and your current prices are reflected.

Blog articles are also a great way to share usable information to your clients and leads. Many companies employ SEO techniques to strengthen their reach to potential customers. Lastly, make sure that your online platforms are responsive as they are informative.

  1. Invest in email marketing.

An automated email campaign frees up your sales team, while reaching out to existing customers and potential leads. Marketing automation tools can help you track the response and interests of your recipients. You can then analyse these responses and take your next steps based on these data.

  1. Engage in social media.

Everyone is on social media, and your business should be in it also. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just some of the fun and effective ways that you can connect with people who are interested in solar energy.

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