Solar Leads for Australia

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Stand out from the rest of the solar industry.

How can you receive highly profiled and qualified leads?

When it comes to solar, consumers are looking for the best deal, at the right time in order to decide that a solar investment is worth it. Those who have solar reap the benefits and those who don’t either don’t see the potential benefit or, are tireless waiting for the ‘perfect’ deal to come along. With the right strategy, you can make a mark in the solar industry and bring in the right potential clients who are in need of solar.

So, how do you market your brand and how do you keep up with the industry, Government incentives and consumer needs? You’re the solar expert, so when speaking with the consumer you can create a solution for their current electricity household situation. You can educate and assist just about anyone with the benefits of solar, while also providing them the best deal and quality. But, who will be the most receptive to your offers and the most prime candidate to convert into sales?

That’s where we come in.

We specialise in deciphering your potential client and marketing to them before they even reach your sales team. With our in depth and proven solar lead acquisition method, the leads that flow in are interested in the possibility of solar installation.

So, how does the method work?

We drive a high volume of traffic to our custom-built lead generation path. There’s no cookie cutter approach, each vertical we work with has an intentional lead strategy. Because each industry has different demands, quotas and specifics. With solar, we know that there’s certain variables that are beneficial to know in order to qualify the lead. That’s why the lead is asked specific questions to profile and categorise them as either your prime candidate or not.

You know the market and you understand your customers, you’re able to provide them with the best solar advice, service and installation. We value that you’re the solar experts, our aim is to ignite growth in your business and bring you the consumers ready for conversion.

This method of new client acquisition is a fresh and proven way to see more of your sales leads turn into conversions. If you’re in need of quality solar leads, talk to us today about how your sales strategy can be taken to a whole new level.


Jimmy L’Almont

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