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How to see more leads convert into sales

Converting leads into sales can be a frustrating venture. A simple misstep in the dialog can bore your potential customer or even offend them. To maximise your generated leads, you need an effective sales technique to boost your lead conversion rate.


The Importance of Proper Scripting

For any company, there are many ways to increase lead conversion. In the long-term, you can invest in marketing and in building your brand, so that clients are naturally inclined to walk through the whole sales process with you. You can also shift your methods to increase your lead volume, even if your lead conversion rate doesn’t improve.

For a sales team, the most efficient way to convert leads is to have a strategic script complemented by good sales technique. Good sales technique includes calling back within minutes of a real-time lead; any delay can lead to complications in availability and decreased interest. Sales scripts should also be delivered politely, without any monotonous droning, rudeness, stutters, or incorrect wording.


The Basic Elements of a Script

A proper script should briefly go through points without sacrificing any details. The listener should be kept interested and informed at the same time. Sales scripts are best when they are interpreted to be spontaneous and relaxed. Your listener should feel like they’re engaged in a mutually beneficial discussion instead of a coercive sales push.

Regardless of the delivery, any sales script should include:

  • Greeting
  • Reason for the call
  • Identifying the needs of the customer
  • Presentation of the deal
  • Call to action

Never end a conversation with dead air. Always leave the customer with details on how to best move forward as soon as possible.


Strategic Sales Techniques

  • Build rapport

Customers should feel like the conversation is meaningful and as natural as possible. You can build rapport by replying with qualifying questions. If a customer says they need something affordable, qualify what they mean by affordable. It shows that you listen to their statements and that you reaffirm their concerns.

  • Take control of the conversation

There are obviously limits to how relaxed and open the conversation should be. Always steer the dialog to a strategic conclusion. Something as simple as presenting a planned agenda to the telephone or meeting will set the right expectations. Asking the listener to “grab a pen and paper,” for example, can set the tone.

  • Demonstrate value

Customers are bombarded with sales pamphlets and offers every day. To truly demonstrate value, you need to probe and uncover what they are genuinely looking for. When they say they are looking for a car, it can translate to looking for convenience. That means you shouldn’t offer an electric model if your customer will have a hard time finding a charging station.

If they’re buying health insurance for the value of security, start your offers with an emphasis on benefits and reliability, instead of cost. When you personalise conversations, customers can see the value of your product better.

  • Address potential objections

While customers might be interested in what you have to offer, there are often factors which hold them back. For example, they might be vague about when they can make it to a showroom visit or a deal signing. Be explicit but sensitive in asking for the reason behind any possible objections. Of course, you’ll have to be prepared to address or accommodate their concerns.

  • Close with momentum

Finally, all of your efforts will go to waste if you don’t close with momentum. Repeat your name, firm, and contact details. Tell your customer “here’s what happens next” with conviction, and you’ll find them agreeing with your plan.


Moving Forward

The sales process doesn’t end there. Ensure lead conversion even after the conversation through constant follow-up. With continuous practice at these expert sales techniques, you’ll find your conversion rate on the rise.


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