How can the Marketer Adapt to Neuromarketing?

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In an age of time and attention scarcity, engaging with your consumer quickly and effectively is at the upmost importance. What is it that you can offer and how can you articulate in such a way that adds importance and urgency to the sale?

The world of marketing, the requirement to understand the consumer may never cease to exist, but the method in which the marketer does that, will evidently change. As technology, research and understanding increases, we gain new insight into how to best market. One of the latest breakthroughs to hit the metaphorical marketing shelf is neuromarketing. Neuromarketing the formal research of the brain’s response to marketing and advertising. Ultimately, it’s understanding the consumer’s response to a wide array of marketing elements and methods. Then that understanding is used to alter and tweak it until the product becomes more enticing and appealing. Intrusive, maybe, but it’s unarguably brilliant.

Neuromarketing is becoming an unstoppable force in the progression of how a brand is marketed, creating a predicted consumer response based on the research findings. However, without the backing of in-depth studies on consumer and marketing trends in your particular product or service, how can you utilise this new marketing technique?


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to marketing to your consumers. Who is your target demographic and more importantly, how do they think? Learning the trends of your current consumers can allow you to forge a new way for your potential customers. Stay alert to how your consumers respond and how consumers have responded to your industry as a whole. Neuromarketing research has taken place on packaging, brand naming, evaluation satisfaction, eye tracking, colour and many other consumer responses. While you may not have the research to prove your particular brand’s best neuromarketing approach, chances are your industry has some insightful findings.


By intentionally being aware of the information, you can utilise insights and neuromarketing advancements. Neuromarketing is still in its earlier stages, multitudes of research and studies will continue to take place to deepen the understanding and utilisation of it. Brands can use this new discovery to their advantage to better understand their own target consumer and slowly adapt their brand elements and approaches as neuromarketing gains traction and becomes even more established.


Gone are the days where mass marketing can be of ultimate value. As the discovery into consumer trends, thought patterns and responses becomes more and more in depth, a brand’s marketing approach must follow suit. Collect and analyse how your customer responds in order to find out what they need, ultimately understanding and predicting their next move.


With EMBR’s lead generation options of co-registration, email marketing and other lead generation channels you can gain insight and access to your target demographic. It allows you to adapt your approach in order to entice your potential customer.

As neuromarketing is rapidly changing marketing and advertising as whole, what are you doing to keep up?


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