Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing

 In Business, Lead Generation

Traditionally, outbound marketing was the way to get your brand out there, to be known and recognised by your consumers and those that could be your potential consumers. Outbound marketing consists of buying ads, print advertisement, outbound calls, etc. Essentially, it’s presenting a brand to a wide audience, hoping that’ll reel in those in need of a particular service or product. It worked, but not without tiresome effort and wasted creativity. How can you creatively cater for specific consumers, if you’re blasting the same thing out to the masses?

Fast forward through the digital marketing age and we were met with endless possibility and opportunity for all budding marketers – the internet. With a new-found access to consumers and their interests, the demand for marketing innovation and the selection of marketing options grew by the minute. But just like many widely practiced things, marketing as a whole kept picking up trends and of course, kept moving forward. That is where the world of marketing was gifted with the new idea of ‘inbound marketing’. What if your consumers could come to you?

Let’s break it down, what exactly is the purpose of marketing? To promote and showcase what your business can do, with the goal of converting viewers or consumers into paying and, hopefully, repeat customers. Now, unless your business is 100% unique to your service or product, chances are you’d be competing with similar brands. So, with that in mind, how can you stand out? In bound marketing became the vessel for this; the ability to cater for the individual.

It’s a beautiful method really, the consumer feels special, like you really get who they are and what they need. Then you, as the business, have a targeted approach to marketing and can define yourself as a brand right down to the smallest detail. A real win – win situation, if of course, you can get it right.

Inbound marketing allows your customers to find you. It attracts, engages and delights the audience in order to profile and qualify consumers. From there, the content that is created actually fills a need. It meets the consumer where they are at and presents them with a viable solution for their need. For example, if a financial services company is looking for someone interested in purchasing an investment property, they no longer have to post an ad in the newspaper nor do they have to run a TV ad campaign to persuade the viewer that investing is a good idea, hoping that the calls come in. Inbound marketing allows a company to attract those already looking to invest. That’s the difference, the consumer already wants to invest, or buy or learn… you fill in the blank with your speciality service.

Now this all sounds great of course, but your question at this point must be ‘how?’. How does a brand set up a strategic inbound marketing method and monitor it, all while catering for existing clients and on-boarding new clients that the marketing brings in.

That’s where we come in. At EMBR our ‘marketing’ is not for us as a brand, it’s entirely for your brand. Our aim is to bring the potential customers to you, ready for your sales conversion. We constantly innovate and tweak our existing methods to combine all avenues of marketing in order to bring you high quality leads, all generated with your criteria in mind. Broken down by industry and suitable lead type, provided you have a viable sales method that works hand in hand with our lead generation, we can create the marketing campaign right for you.

When lead generation isn’t just something we do, but is the only thing we do, our methods become, very quickly, tried and tested. Talk to us today about the marketing strategy suitable for your business so that while you focus on sales conversion and continuing your speciality service, we can focus on bringing you the right potential consumers.