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Data validation is important when you’re looking to grow your database, market share and acquire new customers. Not only is it important to capture correct, accurate and concisely formatted data, but it’s important to universalise your historical data. The advancement of AI and computer learning and marketing automation hinges on your ability to format and validate your data.

EMBR provide two unique services to its clients:

  1. Lead validation and formatting upon collection of lead data
  2. The formatting and validation of historical data and leads collected earlier in the business to ensure universality of data and lead information.

There is value in your data and leads that are brought into the business. Therefor it is important that is it not only validated for accuracy, but formatted for correct storage and remarketing campaigns.

For example, on outbound data collection if you are collecting data from an open text field, for example mobile phone numbers, your data storage could look something like this:

+61 412 345 678

0412 345 678

412 345 678


If you enter all of these mobile numbers into a database or any marketing platform, most of the time the system will see these as unique phone numbers, when actually they are identical numbers, they are just formatted a different way.

Then on a deeper level than this, if you don’t run any form of front facing HLR mobile validation to check whether the phone number is even active or if it is disconnected, then this lead is then sent to your sales team, they will be unable to reach it (if its disconnected) and it wastes their time, which also then affects your conversion rates and real-time media buying figures.

Similarly, we can validate and ping test email addresses on the fly to ensure that only valid email addresses and active inboxes are being submitted through your form and ending up in your sales team’s prospects to follow up. Without accurate validation techniques, you are wasting time and energy and frustrating your team with invalid and potentially fraudulent leads.

Fraud protection

Fraud is one of the biggest killers of digital campaigns and one of the biggest time wasters for businesses in terms of lost-labour. EMBR apply validation and the latest fraud protection methods to filter out any junk and only deliver valid and accurate leads.

We do this through a wide range of channels and for a wide range of industries, including (but not limited to):

Historical Data Validation

EMBR also provide bulk data validation of your existing and historical data and leads. If you are looking to remarket to your existing leads or its been some time since you last spoke to your old customers. We can run a bulk validation across your lists and feed back to you any disconnected phone numbers and any bounce email addresses.

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